St Thérèse of Lisieux and Reception of the Eucharist


I won’t draw any conclusions from the passage that follows but will leave the words of the saint to speak for themselves:

“The day after my first Communion was still one of happiness, but overcast with melancholy. Marie had given me such a lovely dress, and I had lots of other presents, but these things didn’t satisfy me; I couldn’t be content with anything less than our Lord’s presence. How I longed for the day when I should be able to receive him again! About a month later, when I went to get shriven for Ascension-tide, I took my courage in both hands and asked if I might go to Communion. To my surprise, the priest consented, and I found myself kneeling at the Holy Table between Papa and Marie. This second Communion, too, has left touching memories behind it; I was shedding tears still, but with an indescribable sense of consolation, and I kept on repeating to myself those words of St Paul: “I am alive; or rather, not I; it is Christ that lives in me.” From then on, my longing for our Lord’s presence continued to increase, and I got permission to communicate on all great feasts. On the eve of every such occasion, Marie would still take me on her knee and prepare me for it.” (p.84)

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