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9460_MegAndGBH_CoverMeg and the Great British History Mystery

Hitting the shelves, June 2023!

“Fans of classic children’s literature will enjoy this educational romp based around Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain.” Corinna Turner, author of the Carnegie-nominated I Am Margaret series and other books

“An enthralling adventure that brings the mysterious world of Ancient Britain to life. I look forward to more exciting journeys in the company of Meg and her big-hearted family.” Fiorella Nash, author of the Father Gabriel Mystery series and other books

“Roy Peachey has woven the dreams of an ordinary Catholic family into an exciting history lesson of our nation’s beginnings.” Helen Harrold

The Race coverThe Race

“Not your typical happily ever after, Roy has written a wonderfully relatable and inclusive tale, where all are welcome, and the beauty of sport brings everyone together in the end. There are life lessons to be learned in this inspiring story with friendship at its heart.” Shaunagh Brown, International Rugby Player and Former Commonwealth Games Athlete

“An original, immensely readable take on the Eric Liddell story for the 21st century.” Sally Magnusson

“A very interesting, relatable and enjoyable read that brings the memory of Eric Liddell to life.” Allan Wells MBE, Olympic Gold Medallist

“Just finished @roy_peachey’s The Race. A great read about running and history and a lot more. Highly recommended.” Tom Palmer, multiple-award-winning author

“This is a fascinating mix of sport and history.” The Week Junior

“An emotional story that follows two narratives set in two different decades, with the main focus being schoolgirl Lili as she prepares for the race of her life. Recommended for lovers of Michael Morpurgo, this book will tug at your heartstrings as Lili tugs at the knot of her shoelaces.” Big Issue North

“I really enjoyed this story…. My favourite charater was Eric Liddell. He was brave, kind and had an indomitable spirit.” Reuben, 12, National Geographic Kids

Two runners – over seventy years apart – face the race of their lives in a beautiful, moving story which celebrates the power of sport to unite…. Written with a warm sense of inclusion and friendship, The Race is both an inspiration and an emotional journey into the lives of two runners, one fictional and one very real, but both with battles to fight and problems to solve.” Lancashire Post

“This is a book that allows young people to both learn and have fun with a combination of vital truths and a bright sense of humour.” The National 

“I loved the book’s brilliant storytelling, its vivid description of family and school life, its larger-than-life characters, its realistic take on kindness and love in action, and its passion for sport.” Highland News

“The Race is an incredibly inspirational and heart-warming dual narrative about racing, family and dedication which kept me completely engrossed throughout. … An absolute winner!” Book Craic

“What this book does brilliantly well is demonstrate the importance of a strong family network and the massive impact it has on a young person’s life. With the right backing you really can achieve anything, be anything, do anything. And can I just say ‘Gran’ is an absolute treat…. I read this in one sitting, and even if I didn’t have time to read it in one… I would have found time.…This book got me pumped! It’s seriously good.” Stoomio: Children’s Book Reviews

“It has such a beautiful narrative. It’s so wonderfully written… A pure gold medal for ‘The Race.’” Big Kids Book Club

“The Race is an inspiring and multi-layered read that both celebrates sport and assesses it. It gets off to a sprint start, but as the two runners chase their bumpy destinies, it evolves into an engrossing distance event, in which they face hurdles and select strategies, and ultimately remind us that determination, compassion and love have greater value than glory.” Roaring Reads

“Roy Peachey has written a fantastic dual narrative story of survival against all odds.” My Book Corner

“A moving tale of what is important – what really is important. About the decisions we make and why we make them. A book everyone should read.” Sue & Pakka’s

“An excellent story for middle grade readers.” Books from Scotland

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Cath Ed cover

Out of the Classroom and Into the World

A “profoundly important book” – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald 

Philosophically sophisticated yet down-to-earth, this bold call to action should be read by all who care about the formation and welfare of children” – Alison Milbank, Associate Professor of Literature and Theology, University of Nottingham

“Witty, personal, and authoritative, this beautifully written and deeply learned book makes fresh the timeless lessons of a Catholic education” – Andre Gushurst-Moore, Second Master, Worth School

Out of the Classroom and Into the World is available now from all good bookshops!

To read an interview with me about the book, see here. For an article and another review, see pages 6 and 18 of this magazine.

BDAL front

Between Darkness and Light

“Of all the imaginings of those times, this is a tale that stands out. There is nothing else quite like this.” T. H. Barrett, Professor Emeritus of East Asian History, SOAS

“Between Darkness and Light is a tragic epic set in a historical period that continues to haunt relationships between China and the western world. … With keen eye for historical and cultural detail, Peachey takes his readers on a sad odyssey across China and around the world, ending in a no-man’s land where Weijun finds the fate that was foreshadowed from the start — but with a surprising, humane twist.” Michel Hockx, Professor of Chinese Literature, University of Notre Dame, USA

A “compelling and audacious novel” – Martin Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Asia Literary Review

For more information or to order Between Darkness and Light, see here and here.


50 Books for Life

“It not only introduces the reader to the classical works of Catholic literature but is itself a literary treasure. It deserves a place on the bookshelf in the living room of every Catholic family.” Tracey Rowland, Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame, Australia

“This book is an indispensable guide for frustrated readers bored with trite literary fluff, and, perhaps most especially, those seeking paths towards the half-forgotten springs of life.” Brian Sudlow, Aston University

“This book is a real gem. Succinct yet full of depth and sound literary judgment, it is a wonderfully accessible guide to many of the finest works of Christendom.” Joseph Pearce, author of Literature: What Every Catholic Should Know

A “sparkling and erudite little volume” – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

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Did Jesus go to School

Did Jesus Go To School?

“This book is a ‘must-read’ for parents, teachers and everyone interested in how we model education on the life of Christ. As soon as I had finished it, I wanted to read it again!” Dr Nancy C. Walbank, Diocese of Lancaster Education Service

“It is always a pleasure to read this candid and engaging author” – Catholic Herald

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PEACHEY-Cover-TEMP.indd Popes, Emperors, and Elephants

Popes, Emperors, and Elephants: The First Thousand Years of Christian Culture serves well for those using a living books or classical approach to history for grades seven through twelve. While it’s very readable and relatively brief at 213 pages, it is interesting enough to appeal to an adult audience… Given the recent tendency to rewrite history to suit philosophical and political viewpoints, this book offers a refreshing balance.” – Cathy Duffy Reviews

Popes, Emperors, and Elephants would be a great supplement to your history studies. The chapters are short and could be read aloud in a family. It is a fun, interesting read” – Today’s Catholic Homeschooling

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A Little Book of British Saints

8422_Carroll_Saints_CoverTo find out more about this book, or to buy a copy, click here.