Creating a nature journal

A few days ago I wrote about why we might want to create nature journals. Today I’m going to share a few thoughts about what could be included in those journals.

The straightforward answer is whatever you like. There are no rules, but there are various possibilities. On some pages you might want to concentrate on the words more than the pictures.


(30 degrees doesn’t sound right, but it’s what the thermometer showed.)

On other pages, the pictures could take centre stage.

Spring flowers

Sometimes it’s worth going for the big picture.

Scan 2020-4-8 21.16.07

And sometimes, you’ll want to zoom in.

Scan 2020-4-8 21.19.52

There is certainly a lot of merit in drawing and painting rather than taking photos, because slowing down and looking – really looking – is part of what it’s all about.

There are some basics, like recording the date and place, which are worth sticking to, but otherwise you really have carte blanche.

I think there’s also something to be said about what’s not there. If you look at my spring flowers, for instance, you’ll notice that I’ve not included any leaves. That was probably a mistake. You might also notice that I’ve only identified two of the four flowers. However, the act of looking in various reference books was valuable in itself. And, who knows, I might yet be able to identify them. The point is not the pictures, but the being outside, the act of looking, the appreciation of creation.

And, just in case any of you can help me out, here are the plants I was attempting to paint:





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