Book Reviews

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I have written a number of book reviews for Humanum Review in particular, but also for First Things and other publications. My primary focus has been on contemporary fiction from around the world, the topic of my doctoral studies, but I have sometimes ventured into other areas too. Here is a selection.

Humanum Review – ‘Favorite Fictional Characters: John Wemmick’ – December 2018

Humanum Review – Edward Hadas, Human Goods, Economic Evils: A Moral Approach to the Dismal Science – June 2017

First Things – Tim Gautreaux, Signals: New and Selected Stories – 9 February 2017

First Things – ‘The Troubling Legacy of Shūsaku Endō’s Silence’ – 27 December 2016

Humanum Review – Sono Ayako, Miracles: A Novel, translated by Kevin Doak (MerwinAsia, Portland, Maine, 2016)

Humanum Review – Jérôme Ferrari, The Sermon on the Fall of Rome (MacLehose Press, 2014)

Humanum Review – Kyung-Sook Shin, Please Look After Mother (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2011)

Humanum Review – Tim Gautreaux, Waiting for the Evening News (Sceptre, 2010)

Humanum Review – Eugene Vodolazkin, Laurus (Oneworld, 2015)

Humanum Review, Stratford Caldecott, Beauty for Truth’s Sake: On the Re-enchantment of Education (Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos Press, 2009) and Beauty in the Word: Rethinking the Foundations of Education (Tacoma, WA: Angelico Press, 2012)

The Catholic Herald – Amy Hungerford, Postmodern Belief: American Literature and Religion since 1960 (Princeton University Press, 2010), 1 October 2010

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