I am Director of Curriculum Development at the Cedars School, Croydon. I have an eclectic collection of degrees in English, History, and Chinese Studies, as well as a postgraduate diploma in Lake District Studies. I am currently working towards a PhD on secularization and contemporary fiction at the University of Nottingham.


I have given talks, papers and lectures at a number of different places, including the Royal Geographical Society, the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, the Telegraph Festival of Education, Durham University, the University of Glasgow, and the University of Oxford. Here are the most recent: Home Education Conference: Human Life International, Knock – ‘The … Continue reading Talks


I have written for a number of publications including the Telegraph, the TES, Standpoint, UnHerd, First Things, Magnificat, Humanum Review, Catholic World Report, the Catholic Herald, the Catholic Universe, and Adoption Today. Some of these articles are set out here. UnHerd – ‘Who needs schools anyway?’ – September 2019 Catholic World Report – ‘The Trouble … Continue reading Articles

Book Reviews

I have written a number of book reviews for Humanum Review in particular, but also for First Things and other publications. My primary focus has been on contemporary fiction from around the world, the topic of my doctoral studies, but I have sometimes ventured into other areas too. Here is a selection. Humanum Review – … Continue reading Book Reviews